LeoMax understand the critical importance of security in the banking sector. Our comprehensive camera installation solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of financial institutions. With cutting-edge technology, we ensure the protection of your assets, employees, and customers. Rest easy, knowing that your bank is fortified by our advanced surveillance systems, providing round-the-clock vigilance. Safeguard your financial institution with our trusted LeoMax expertise.

Solution Overview


  • Protection of customers and bank employees
  • Protection from unauthorized intruders or thieves
  • Safety and security from Fraud
  • ATM areas monitoring and Security
  • Monitoring Misbehaviour of Bank employees or customers
  • Safety and security in at bank entrance, cash counter or visitor Area etc.
  • Protection from criminal acts, drugs, frauds etc.
  • Monitoring on bank's specific rules about security
  • Protection of Customer Data
  • Collection of Evidence for Investigations
  • Protection of Customer Data,Cash Conter and Vault etc.


  • High resolution cameras for 24/7 monitoring and recording
  • Proper identification and logs of people at entry/exit points
  • Periphery protection with intelligent analysis at control room
  • PTZ cameras for open area like Cash Counter, visitor Area and playground, as most of the fraud activities takes place in such areas.
  • Emergency/Panic buttons at vulnerable points for immediate action
  • Restriction of entry for unauthorized people at Bank Entrance and at ATM Surrounding
  • Fool proof checking/frisking of weapons or non permit able gadgets
  • Cameras with Flexible views which can move and zoom in open areas like the bank's cash counter , visiotr area etc.
  • Cameras with advanced technology to protect the bank's surrondings.

Cash Conter

4K Ultra HD Pan-Tilt-Zoom(PTZ) IP Camera - 100Mtr Range

  • Ultra HD Clarity: for crystal-clear images ,videos at the cash counter
  • Edge Storage: for redundancy
  • PTZ functionality: allows camera to pan, tilt and zoom as needed
  • Night Vision: Ensuring 24/7 surveillance in low-light conditions
  • License Plate Recognition(LPR): recognize licence plates for tracking of vehicles
  • Smart Headlight Control: clear visibility at night to avoid distraction caused by vehicle headlights
  • Advanced Analytics: detecting suspicious activities and providing real-time alerts to security staff
  • Weatherproof Design: suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

ATM Surrounding Security Camera- All-Weather HD PTZ with Facial Recognition.

  • High-Definition Surveillance: ensure clear monitoring of the ATM area
  • PTZ Functinality: comprehensive coverage of the ATM area.
  • Facial Recognition: can identify and alert security staff
  • Tamper Detection: triggers alarms if anyone tries to interfere with the camera of the ATM machine
  • All-Weather Design: withstand various weather conditions
  • Two-Way Audio: allowing bank staff to communicate with ATM users
  • Privacy Protection: configured to respect privacy zones
  • Night Vision: Ensuring 24/7 surveillance in low-light conditions

Bank Cash Van

Mobile Cash Van Security Camera-360-Degree Coverage with GPS Tracking

  • 360-Degree Panoramic View: ensures no blind spots and captrues view of inside and outside van.
  • Live GPS Tracking: allows real-time location monitoring of the cash van
  • High-Definition Recording: Records in Hight-definition Qulaity(HD)
  • Tamper Detection : Trigger amarms and alets if there is any unauthorized access
  • Remote Monitoring: Security staff can remotely monitor the live feed from the camera
  • Two-Way Communication: communication between the cash van crew and the bank's security center
  • Weatherproof and Shockproof: designed to withstand harsh conditions including weather and shocks
  • Remote Locking: Remotely lock or unlock the cash van's doors adding an extra layer of security control.

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