At LeoMax , we recognize the vital role security plays in ensuring the safety of College campuses. Our camera installation solutions are designed specifically to address the unique security needs of educational instiutions.We are dedicated to safeguarding your campus, its students, staff and visitord. With our advanced surveillance systems in place, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your college is quipped with 24/7 protection. Trust in Campus secure to fortify your educational institution with our LeoMax expertise in security solutions.

Solution Overview


  • Safety of students and staff
  • Protection from unauthorized Access
  • Monitoring of unknown vehicle entry
  • Absence of Security cameras can raise privacy concerns
  • Disciplinary issues and instances of misbehaviour
  • Transportation Safety
  • Preventing criminal acts, including theft or drug-related incidents.
  • Emergencies or incidents requiring immediate action
  • Bullying and Harassment


  • High-Definition Surveillance ensures clear monitoring and recording
  • Smart Access Control at the College entrance and exit point
  • Intelligent analysis helps detect any suspicious activities in perimeter area
  • Playground Monitoring
  • Emergency Response to ensure eveyone's safety in emergencies
  • Comprehensive Security Checks to detect any weapons or prohibited items
  • Routine Assessments of security measures to ensure the campus security

Main Entrance

4K Ultra HD PTZ(Pan-Tilt-Zoom)IP Camera-100 Mtr Range.

  • Advanced 4K Ultra HD resoluton: for crystal clear images and videos at main entrance
  • PTZ Functionality: flexible coverage of the entire entrance area/li>
  • Night Vision: clear surveillance even in low-light conditions
  • License Plate Recognition: enhancing Security and tracking
  • Smart Headlight Control(SHC): ensuring a clear view without distractions.
  • Wide Field Of View (FoV): to ensure that no area of the entrance is left unmonitored.
  • Advanced Analytics: detecting suspicious activities and providing real-time alerts to security staff
  • Weatherproof Design: suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Parking Area

360-Degree Ultra HD Dome Camera-50 Mtr Range

  • Comprehensive Coverage: eliminating blind spots and ensuring complete coverage.
  • Ultra HD Clarity: delivers sharp and detailed images
  • Night Vision: clear surveillance even in low-light conditions
  • Motion Detection: can trigger alerts and recording when any movement is detected
  • Tamper Detection:Triggering alarms if anyone tries to interfere with the camera or its mounting
  • Weatherproof Design: suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Smart Parking Assistance: helping drivers find available parking spaces and enhancing overall parking management.
  • Remote Monitoring:Security staff can remotely access the live feed form the camera

Reception counter

High Resolution Wide Angle IP Camer with Two-Way Audio

  • HD Clarity: Ensures crystal-clear monitoring of the reception counter area.
  • Wide Angle View:Equipped with a wide-angle lens provides a comprehensive view of the surroundings
  • Two-Way Audio:Enhacing security and customer service
  • Motion Detection: trigger alerts and records when any movement is detected
  • Cloud Storage: Recorded footage can be securely stored in the cloud for easy asccess

Classroom Security Camera with Smart Classroom Integration

  • High-Definition Clarity: for detailed monitoring of classroom activities
  • Privacy Mode: ensuring no unintentional surveillance
  • Motion Detection: trigger alerts and recording when any movemnet is detected
  • Low-Light Performance: ensuring visibility during lectures and evening classes
  • Remote Access: allowing for real-time monitoring and quick response.
  • Two-Way Audio: for emergency communication and classroom management
  • Cloud Backup: ensuring that important data is preserved and easily accessible if needed.

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