LeoMax recognise the critical importance of security in healthcare environments. Our Camera security solution is dedicated to addressing the unique needs of hospitals and medical facilitites.We are commited to safeguarding your hospital , its staff , patients and sensitive medical assests. Feel secure knowing that your healthcare institution is reinforced by our advanced surveillance systems, ensuring 24/7 watchfulness. Trust in LeoMax to provide expert security solutions for the safety and wellbeing of everyone in your medical facility.


  • Patient and Staff Safety.
  • Unauthorized Access
  • Emergency Response in medical emergencies or security incidents.
  • Private areas monitoring
  • Monitoring and tracking visitors
  • Identifying and Preventing theft of medications and valuable medical equipment.
  • Monitoring Patient and Staff Behaviour
  • Preventing Infectious Spread
  • Protecting Child in Pediatric units.
  • Preventing Sensitive Areas


  • High definition Survillance ensures clear monitoring and recording od activities in and around the hospital
  • Smart Access Control with proper identification and logs of people at entry/exit points
  • Perimeter protection with intelligent analysis
  • Pan-Tilt-zoom cameras in open areas like reception,Waiting room etc.
  • Emergency or panic buttons triggers a rapid response to ensure everyone's safety.
  • Restriction of entry for unauthorized people from entering in sensitive areas within hospital.
  • Security Checks are implemented to detect any weapons or prohibited items.
  • Medical Equipment Protection with surveillance.
  • Monitoring and managing visitor's access.

Main Entrance

4K Ultra HD PTZ(Pan-Tilt-Zoom) IP Camera-100 Mtr Range

  • Stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution: ensuring crystal-clear images and videos
  • PTZ Functinality: to pan, tilt and Zoom as needed
  • Night Vision: surveillance even in low-light or nightime conditions.
  • License Plate Recognition(LPR): can capture and recognize license plates of vehicles entering and exiting the hospital
  • Smart Headlight Control(SHC): ensuring a clear view without distractions.
  • Edge Storage: can store footage locally
  • Advanced Analytics: detecting suspicious activities and providing real-time alerts to security staff
  • Weatherproof Design: suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Reception counter

Hight Resolution Dome Camera with Two-Way Audio

  • High-Resolution Clarity:for detailed monitoring of hospital's reception counter area
  • Wide-Angle Lens: ensuring that no part of the reception area is left unmonitord.
  • Two-Way Audio: enhances security, patient care and visitor assistance.
  • Motion Detection?: trigger alerts and recording when any movement is detected
  • Low-Light Perfromance: ensuring visibility during day and night time
  • Privacy Mode: can be activated when sesitive conversations or interactions are taking place.
  • Remote Monitoring: Authorized staff can remotely access the live feed rom the camera
  • Visitor Management: to monitor and manage visitor access
  • Discreet Design: Designed to blend seamlessly with the recepton area.
  • Cloud Backup: Recorded footage can be securely backed up in the cloud.

Intensive Care Unit

Specialized ICU Security Camera with Privacy Features

  • High-Resolution Imaging:for detailed monitoring of the Intensive Care Unit, including patient conditions and medical procedures.
  • Privacy Protection: includes the ability to automatically blur or mask patient faces and sensitive medical data
  • Low-Light Optimization: visibility during nighttime or low-light conditions
  • Wide-Angle View: for covers a broad area within the ICU
  • Tamper Detection: Trigger alarms if there are any attempts to interfere with the camrea or its mounting.
  • Remote Access:for Real-time monitoring
  • Medical Equipment Protection: Preventing theft or unauthorized access.
  • Emergency Response: Providing immediate assistance.
  • Cloud Backup: important medical data is preserved and easily accessible if needed.

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