LeoMax is dedicated to addressing the unique security needs of industrial facilities and manufacturing zones. We are commited to safeguarding your industrial assests , employees and operations. Rest assured aht your industrial complex is fortified by our advanced surveillance systems, providing expert security solutions for the safety and security of your industrial area,ensuring uninterrupted production and the protection of valuable assets.


  • Ensuring the safety of workers withing the industrial facility
  • Protection from unauthorized access
  • Equipment and Asset protection
  • Safety Compliance for strict safety protocols.
  • Monitoring industrial processes for optimizing efficienty.
  • Emergency response in case of accidents, fires or security incidents.
  • Ensuring compliance with environmental standards and detect any unauthorized discharges or pollution
  • Monitoring and addressing health and safety violations within industrail settings to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Monitoring product quality and quality-realted problems.
  • Monitoring the industrial area's perimeter to prevent trespassing, theft etc.


  • High resolution surveillance for clear monitoring and recording of activites in the industrial area
  • Proper identification and electronic logs of everyone entering and exiting the industrial site.
  • Perimeter protection to detect any suspicious activities.
  • Area-Specific Surveillance helps to prevents incidents
  • Emergency/Panic buttons at vulnerable points for immediate action
  • Monitoring the security of valuable inventory, raw materials, industrial assets
  • Monitoring environmental factors such as emissions and chemical spills to promote safe working environment.
  • Ensuring the security measures align with health and safety standards.
  • Regular security audits are conducted for effectiveness of security measures.

Main Entrance of Industry

Industrial Entrance Survillance Camera.

  • High-Resolution Imaging: for monitoring the industrial area's main entrance
  • License Plate Recognition(LPR): for recognizing license plates of vehicles entering and exiting the industrial complex
  • Headlight Suppression(HLC):ensuring a clear view without distractions
  • Edge Storage Redundancy: store footage locally
  • Night Vision: sureillance even in low-light or nighttime conditions
  • Weatherproof Design: Designed to withstand various weather conditions
  • Tamper Detection: trigger alarms if there are any interference with the camera
  • Remote Monitoring: monitoring and quick response to security incidents.
Inside Area Of Industry

Industrial Interiro Surveillance Camera

  • HD surveillance camera: for detailed monitoring of indoor areas within the industrial facility
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) for optimal image quality in all lighting situations.
  • Motorized zoom : To achieve proper FoV of the camera
  • Privacy Masking: for confidential workspaces.
  • Tamper Detection: for any interference with the camera.
  • Cloud Backup: ensuring that important data is preserved and easily accessible if needed

Meeting Room

Meeting Room Surveillance Camera for Enhanced Security

  • HD Resoulution: ensuring clear monitoring of activities within the meeting room
  • Wide Dynamic Range(WDR) to handle varying lighting conditions often found in meeting rooms
  • Audio Capture:Includes audio capture capabilities
  • Privacy Protection: to respect privacy by blurring or masking faces and sensitive content on screens
  • Motion Detection: triggers alerts and recording of any movement is detected within the meeting room
  • Two-Way Audio: Allowing participants to be heard and respond in real-time
  • Privacy mode: offers a privacy mode that can be activated to ensure that confidencial conversations
  • Cloud Backup: ensures that important meeting data is preserved
Manufacturing Area Of Industry

Industrial Manufacturing Area Surveillance Camera

  • Full HD Resolution : ensuring sharp and deatialed monitoring of manufacturing process, machinery and operations within the industrial manufacturing ara
  • Wide Dynamic Range(WDR): to cope with fluctuationg lighting conditions
  • Motorized zoom : to focus on specific manufacturing processes or equipments
  • Low-Light Performance: ensuring visibility during nighttime or in poorly lit sections of manufacturing floor.
  • Tamper Detection: for any interference with the camera.
  • Process Optimization: for identifying amd monitoring production process and quality control

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